May 27, 2024

Three Sisters Cultural Centre

1370 King St N, St. Jacobs

Located in the heart of St Jacobs, The Three Sisters Cultural Centre is home to a variety of Artists all year. Participating in this tour are several of the Three Sisters In – House Artists

Ellie Cooper

@ Three Sisters Centre

Ellie G. Cooper paints with acrylics on canvas and board and uses mixed media such as broken mirrors, beads, and found objects.  Her large pieces sometimes have words or sentences or bits of poetry and are almost always representations of sky or water.  She also paints miniatures of landscapes and whimsical figures in case you need only a little bit of art.

Karen & Rob Doyling

@ Three Sisters Centre

The Doylings consider Photographic storytelling to be the art of conveying stories, ideas, and viewpoints through the medium of photography. Inspired by wildlife, beautiful sunsets, urban / street photography as well as nature and simplicity the Doylings strive to create stunning real time photos that truly capture the moment and the stories that they want the photos to tell. They run T.O.L. photography from their St. Jacobs, Ontario studio at the Three Sisters Cultural Centre.

Anne Harris

@ Three Sisters Centre

Anne M Harris paints with acrylics on canvas, boards and – sometimes – sticks.  The word most commonly used to describe her work is vibrant.  She uses bold colours and pays careful attention to lines and outlines on her landscapes, garden scenes, and nature studies.

Jason Panda

@ Three Sisters Centre

Jason Panda is a tessellation and mixed media artist. He works with many materials and techniques including photography, graphic assemblage and design and illustrative tile based patterns. As an active community engagement artist, his work is about synergy and the active process of weaving together a variety of ideas to create powerful mosaics, messages and moments.Jason Panda’s new studio is in St. Jacobs, Ontario at the Three Sisters Cultural Centre

Jax Rula

@ Three Sisters Centre

Jacqueline (Jax) Rula is an award-winning fibre artist specializing in creating soft sculpted art dolls. Inspired by fabric, colour, shape and design, Jax received her first award in 2009 from the Canadian Doll Artist Association. Now, as the Artistic Director at the Three Sisters Cultural Centre, Jax has the ability to support a wide variety of artists in their endeavours while still creating in her studio.

John Rula

@ Three Sisters Centre

Through his paintings, John strives to create a sense that enlightens and inspires the viewer to imagine something fantastic and wonderful. He believes the purpose of art is to lift the spirit and instil a positive experience. For John, painting is a living expression of the infinite potential of all things.