May 27, 2024

Thak Ironworks Studio

2282 Floradale Rd, Floradale, ON

A distinctive style of Ironwork which joins fantasy with reality. Thak for many people, represents a semi mythical character, who creates for them tangible fantasy. Even customers who find the notion a trifle silly have come to embrace the concept of Thak. This is a unique place where imagination becomes reality amidst Fire, Smoke. Sweat and Thunderous Noise.

Robb Martin

@ 2282 Floradale Rd, Floradale, ON

Robb Martin (aka THAK) has been studying the art of blacksmithing since 1988. He owns Thak Ironworks Inc. in Floradale, Ontario. Much of his business involves making custom metal work for high-end homes but he and his team also create armour and metal sculptures with a distinctive “Thakish” aesthetic.