April 19, 2024

Woolwich Memorial Centre

24 Snyder Ave S, Elmira

The Woolwich Memorial Centre is a recreation facility in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. The facility is operated by the Township of Woolwich. The Woolwich Memorial Centre comprises two NHL-sized ice surfaces, two pools, a fitness centre and walking track.

Roxana Bahrami

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Roxana Bahrami is a self-taught artist based in Guelph, Ontario, who has found her passion in the mesmerizing technique of pointillism. With a deep appreciation for art as a form of mindfulness, Roxana advocates for the integration of artistic activities to enhance personal wellbeing and to inspire creativity and innovation within businesses.


Ginny Carnevale

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Ginny creates a wide range of fine art and functional textile art that is guided by her life-long love of Northern Ontario landscapes, gardening and the gorgeous architecture of her hometown of Cambridge, Ontario. She has been printmaking and painting for over 30 years. She is inspired daily by patterns and light from both natural and constructed elements and uses a variety of printmaking mediums including relief, intaglio, and monotype.


Sheri Dowdall

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Sheri is a self-taught wood artist based in Elmira Ontario.  What started as a project to make a gift for friends quickly turned into a love of woodworking.  She reveals the beauty that lies beneath old, reclaimed wood and breathes new life into it by creating intricate wood mosaic wall art and functional art pieces. Each creation is unique, one of a kind and is made with sustainability in mind.  As an avid traveler, Sheri’s work often reflects inspiration from nature, architecture, and her love of exploring.


Samiha Hassan

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Samiha Hassan is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly creates digital illustrations that often have a non-finito sketchy appearance. Her work often revolves around her interests and personal identity. Many of her pieces incorporate elements from her familial background and Bangladeshi heritage.


Jennifer Horst

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Jennifer Horst paints mostly with acrylics on canvas, but making old things new is also a part of her portfolio.  Her subject matter, while diverse, often includes objects such as feathers, landscapes and flowers. Painting has been a way for Jennifer to express her emotions, relax and get lost in the colour and texture of the paint.  As an Acadian First Nations Band Member, her inspiration comes from her love of nature and Indigenous roots.  


Gina Jacklin

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Gina Jacklin is a Colombian-born multidisciplinary artist living in Guelph, Ontario. Her artwork speaks to the thoughtful design of creation that, from a Christ-Centred and scientific lens, seeks to highlight the intrinsic purpose and beauty evident in all of life. Her desire is to connect with those who long to see the world through a different lens, sparking a sense of joy, awe and wonder in their hearts and minds.


Roshan James

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Roshan James is a Tibetan-Indian multidisciplinary artist, poet, and musician, living as a settler in southwestern Ontario. As part of the South Asian diaspora, Roshan researches and experiments to create work that embodies decolonization, identity, timelessness, mindfulness, purpose, and healing. Entrenched in her work is anti-oppression advocacy and representation of marginalized, melanated voices to help dismantle colonial, capitalistic systems. In her studio, Roshan experiments with deconstruction, balance, bold colours, textures, and simple, up-cycled material.


Tami Martin

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Tami Martin is a photographer. While she dabbles in portraiture, her true passion lies in wildlife, nature, and landscape photography.  Her compositions and editing together serve to highlight the romantic simplicity of the natural world we live in. Most of her photos are created while hiking and camping throughout the province. Tami lives and works in Elmira, Ontario and has called it home the majority of her life.  She completed the Digital Photography program at Georgian College in Barrie.


Enia Sitole

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Enia Sitole is an Elmira, Ontario artist who specializes in outdoor and indoor murals and acrylic canvas painting. Since 2008, Enia has been passionate about using art to communicate with all kinds of people in Mozambique, Turkey, the United States and Canada. Enia painted two murals; Nana’s Blanket and Africana, in Vancouver’s Gastown. She hopes to collaborate with local artists to create more outdoor art in the Waterloo Region. 


Sharon Steenburg

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Sharon Steenburg is a stained glass artist who works out of her home in Cambridge Ontario.  Taught by her father, she has been playing with glass for the past five years and has made a part-time business of it since 2020.


Julie Wemp

@ Woolwich Memorial Centre

Julie’s lifelong love of art led her to painting where she finds joy and excitement in the movement of paint. Whether it is playing with fluid acrylics or expressing her love of watercolour, she focuses primarily on florals and the inspiration gained in the meticulous flower gardens surrounding her hometown of Elmira. Painting brings Julie peace and joy, and it is her wish these emotions are felt when viewing her paintings.